Iran Tour Packages

Iran Tour Packages are uniquely designed to ensure the highest quality and efficiency of your trip. We take care of everything from the moment you decide to visit Iran to the sad moment of departure.

Iran Cultural Journey "Private" - 14 Days

Explore different aspects of Iranian culture. Follow the twisting path of great Persian kings and emperors in Persepolis. Explore the earthly adobe cities of Yazd and Kerman and make your way to the divine turquoise architecture of Isfahan. Set foot in the stories of Sindbad and Aladdin and spend the night in a traditional Caravanserai.

Tehran Golestan Palace - Termeh Travel
Yazd-Budget-Friendly Tour of Iran-Termh Travel
Budget-Friendly Tour of Iran - 9 Days

 Solo travelers, backpackers, and adventurers want flexible, budget-friendly, and social tours, and we have an answer for all that. Ultimate Iran Budget Tour is designed to satisfy the adventurer souls of Generation Z.

Iran Experience Tour "Private" - 9 Days

Experience Iran, one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. Walk among the mythical Gods and legends of ancient Persia and taste exotic Iranian cuisine. Drool over its breathtaking landscapes, turquoise domes, and Zoroastrian temples. You will meet the most hospitable people on the planet and fall in love with their welcoming smiles.

9 Days Iran Experience
Through Lut Desert to Persian Culture
Through Lut Desert to Persian Culture "Private" - 14 Days

The golden sphere of the sun rises over the horizon, with not even a wisp of cloud in the sky. The desert foxes scavenge on bird carcasses to survive and lizards take shelter in the shadows to avoid getting roasted. Welcome to the Lut Desert, the hottest Spot on earth according to satellite readings from NASA. Find your way through the cultural centers of Iran where Persepolis, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, the Red Village and Zoroastrian Towers of Silence are expecting you.

Iran Nomad Tour "Private" - 11 Days

Exploring the beloved culture of Iran by walking on this ancient soil. You roam around historical buildings, listen to their stories, and witness the glory of Persian culture. However, the most exciting stories are combined with nomads’ lives. Nomads change your view toward nature and show you the purity of the nomadic lifestyle. 

Nomad Tour Package-Termeh Travel
Culinary and Food Tour Package-Termeh Travel
Iran Culinary and Food Tour "Private" - 12 Days

On this trip to Iran, you need to put the rhythmic folk music of fluffy Persian rice, tender meat, and delightful vegetables on repeat. Each food acts as an instrument to make a magnificent symphony. You are going to explore this wonderful country city by city to make some of the most delicious and popular meals of Persian cuisine. 

South of Iran Tour Package "Private" - 10 Days

This private tour is an outstanding opportunity to experience the south of Iran. The passionate sunrays caress your chick, and the rhythmic pulse of the sea calms you down and makes you feel cozy. Traveling to the warm and sung south of Iran is the opportunity to be truly treasured. In this tour, you will start this amazing journey from Tehran, then explore some of the most beautiful and unique locations of Iran's southern cities little by little. Pack your sunglasses, sunscreen, and colorful summer outfit, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure toward the south of Iran. 

Skiing in Dizin Ski Resort
Exotic Ski Holiday in Iran's Largest Ski Resort "Private"- 7 Days

There is a special joy in wearing those ski onesies, tightening boots, and grabbing the ski poles, which reminds you of the adventurous moments that are ahead of you. Dizin Ski Tour allows you to have a perfect trip toward the gorgeous ski resort and spend every minute of your tour feeling enthusiastic and eager to see more. So, it is time to put your warm clothes in your baggage and get ready for an amazing tour. 

Iran Pilgrimage Tour "Private"- 11 Days

You will learn about different aspects of the religions in Iran on this tour. You can set foot in holy shrines and mosques and enjoy their breathtaking sights and atmosphere. You can also explore places where great Persian kings and emperors used to walk and get to know the heavenly architecture of Isfahan. You can learn incredible facts about Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Qom with the help of our expert tour guide and enjoy a fun learning experience on the journey.

Tajrish Bazaar