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About Us

Travel brings power and love back into your life.


What we do

At termeh travel we have made it our sole purpose to tell the world about the realities of our country, Iran. To do this, we have gathered all the resources in the country to provide the best travel experience for each and every one of our tourists. From tour guides to accommodations and business partners, termeh travel is made of up a network of experts in the travel and tourism field. Here a group of focused guys are doing everything in their power to make sure you’d have the time of your life in Iran.

What makes us different

What makes Termeh Travel so distinct from all other travel agencies, is the smart group of people behind this website, we are fast and safe, and our we promise a complete supportive customer care. Termeh travel has a very simple interface making it elegantly friendly and easy to use. We also offer the country’s best prices. And last but not least we do what none of our competition does, we guard your privacy.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people

Steve Jobs
Erfan Salehi

Erfan leads the operation, makes sure Termeh Travel is working flawlessly to reach its optimal goals and ensures customers satisfaction.


Technical Lead
Mohammad ShafieZadeh

Mohammad develops and maintains our website and the services Termeh Travel offers to all its customers.


Content Manager and Chief Editor
Shahab Shabani Nezhad

Shahab is the lead content creator. He tries to give the best insights to readers of Termeh Travel with his creative writings and articles.


Multimedia Producer
Vahidreza Barati

As our multimedia producer Vahid is doing his best to change the picture of Iran in the world media through pictures and videos.


SEO and Project Coordinator
Mansour Damanpak

Mansour has the expertise to help Termeh Travel become a renowned Iran travel website, and therefore turn Iran into a top tourist destination in the world.


Ali Vaseghnia

An adventurous traveler, Ali has explored some of the most exciting destinations around Iran and the world. Therefore, his experience as a tourist has made him the perfect consultant for the team.