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A wide range of people visits Iran every year with different purposes such as leisure, education or even employment. Although citizens of a few countries can enter Iran Visa-free, citizens of the rest of the world need a Visa to enter Iran. Use the Visa Assistant Tool to check if you need a Visa, the cost, and the requirements to apply for Iran Visa. Click on Apply for Iran Visa to submit your request by filling a simple Visa Application form and get your Visa in 2 business days.

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This article explains and covers everything you need to know about how to get an Iran Visa. We explore every option individually and show you the pros and cons. Here is a complete guideline for getting an Iran visa and we update this article regularly.

Who Needs an Iran Visa?

Citizens of the following countries can visit Iran without a visa, if your country is not on the list you need to obtain an Iran Visa before traveling to Iran.

  • Asia:
  • 21 days:China-Hong Kong-Macao
  • 15 days within any 6 months:
  • 15 days: Malaysia
  • 14 days: Kazakhstan
  • Europe:
  • 90 days: Turkey-Armenia
  • 45 days: Georgia
  • 15 days within any 6 months: Bosnia and Herzegovina-Belarus-Croatia-Serbia
  • 14 days: Azerbaijan
  • Middle East:
  • 90 days: Oman-Syria
  • 30 days: Lebanon-Iraq
  • 15 days within any 6 months: Bahrain-Kuwait-Qatar-Saudi Arabia-United Arab Emirates
  • South America:
  • 30 days: Bolivia
  • 15 days: Venezuela
  • 15 days within any 6 months: Cuba-Mexico-Peru-Brazil
  • Africa:
  • 20 days: Egypt
  • 15 days within any 6 months: Tanzania-Tunisia-Zimbabwe-Seychelles-Mauritania-Mauritius

Can American, British, and Canadian Citizens Visit Iran?

Yes. US, UK, and Canadian citizens need to travel to Iran with a fully organized tour that includes a visa. Applying for an Iran visa without booking a tour will result in getting rejected. We recommend booking one of Termeh Travel’s various Iran Tour Packages that include a hassle-free Iran Visa process.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Iran Visa?

It takes Less than 7 Iran business days (Saturday to Wednesday excluding national holidays.) For Citizens of the US, UK, or Canada, it might take up to two months.

How Much Does It Cost to Get an Iran Visa?

23 € Service Fee Online plus 50-75 € at the Visa Collect Point. For US, UK, and Canadian travelers the service Fee is included in our tour packages.

When Should I Apply for an Iran Visa?

It is best to apply for an Iran visa 2 weeks to 1 Month before your trip to Iran. However, for the US, UK, and Canadians it’s better to apply at least 2-3 months before your trip.

What is the Chance of Getting Rejected?

The chance of getting rejected is usually very low, around 5 percent.

Do I need Travel Insurance to Visit Iran?

Yes. You need to have Travel Insurance that specifically mentions covering Iran. You can easily get one on our Travel Insurance page.

Where Can I Pick up My Visa?

Almost all of the main airports and one particular port in Iran issue visas on arrival, so you can get your visa at:

  • Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran
  • Shahid Hashemi Nejad International Airport in Mashhad
  • Shahid Dastgheyb International Airport in Shiraz
  • Shahid Beheshti International Airport in Isfahan
  • Shahid Madani International Airport in Tabriz
  • Kish International Airport
  • Larestan International Airport
  • Ahwaz International Airport
  • Bandar Abbas International Airport
  • Bushehr International Airport
  • Qeshm International Airport
  • Hashemi Rafsanjani International Airport in Kerman
  • Urmia International Airport
  • Bandar Abbas (Shahid Bahonar) Port

Can I Travel to Iran by Land?

You should apply for an E-Visa and select your desired embassy or consulate in the “Place of Visa Issue” section. After the confirmation, you have 60 days to take your visa grant notice to the embassy or consulate and get your visa.

What Should I do if E-Visa Gets Rejected?

If your Iran Visa was rejected it is strongly recommended to apply through a local Iranian travel agency and have them process your visa for you. To re-apply for an Iran visa, you must wait at least a day after your previous visa application was denied.

What Documents Do I Need to Apply Iran Visa?

  • A passport-style ID photo
  • A scan from the first page (the information page) of your passport

Do They Stamp My Passport in Iran?

No! The authorities at the airport will give you the stamp on a separate document.