Iran Experience Tour "Private" - 9 Days

999 Euro Per Person


  • Get to know Iran's history in the National Museum of Iran
  • Enjoy colorful sun rays in the Pink Mosque
  • Get familiar with the Persian mythology in Persepolis
  • Experience Zoroastrian culture and traditions in Yazd
  • Stroll around the magnificent Naqsh-e Jahan Square
  • Tour Difficulty Level
  • Start City ● End City
    Tehran ● Tehran
  • Group Size
    1 to 10 People
  • Duration
    9 Days

This private tour takes you to the roots of Persian Culture. Get to know Iran by exploring the glory of the Ancient Empire of Persia and get familiar with the Persian culture and background by visiting Zoroastrian historical sites when the reality is combined with mythologies. Find yourself among the gorgeous patterns of colorful tiles and fell in love with the hospitality of Iranians. 


Our representative will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to the hotel to rest and boost your energy up for upcoming adventures.

The first day of exploring Tehran starts with visiting the Golestan Palace Complex and getting a grasp of Iran’s authentic glory by following the pattern of the colorful rose garden on the walls. Keep walking, you will find yourself in the mirror room to get enchanted with the majestic ambiance of the place. The journey continues by exploring Tehran’s Grand Bazaar and getting lost in colors and the dynamic atmosphere of it. 

Before calling it a night, you will have the chance to get a sense of the rich history of this ancient country by visiting the National Museum of Iran. After that, the guide will accompany you to the airport to travel to Shiraz. 

Upon your arrival at Shiraz, your guide is there to take you to the hotel to rest.

Your unforgettable journey in Shiraz will be started by visiting the Pink Mosque in the morning to see the dance of light and colors on the Persian rugs and delicate pink tiles. 

Leaving Nasir-al Molk Mosque for the Vakil Complex, your expectation shall not be cut off. You will visit the magnificent Karim Khan Citadel on your way and get to the Vakil Bazaar, where you will see the diversity of Persian tradition. The aroma of Persian spice, along with the colorful patterns of traditional fabrics, will be etched in your mind forever. 

By entering the Vakil mosque, you will feel a deep sense of calmness and serenity by the magic of this place that lets you find tranquility inside the gentle and majestic Mosque. Then, you will visit the traditional Vakil Bathhouse or Hammam to see the unique Persian architecture and design of it.

Your last stop will be the Tomb of Hafez to realize why Shiraz is called the city of love and poetry. Then, you will be transferred back to your hotel to get a comfortable sleep.  

The fourth day of your trip will show you the grandeur of the Persian Empire. First, you will visit Persepolis, the capital of the Achaemenid Empire. By watching the magnificent buildings and listening to the ancient stories of Iran, imagining the glory of that time would be easily possible. 

Then, you will be overwhelmed by visiting the glorious Necropolis of Naqsh-e Rostam, which is cut into the mountains. Where the mythology and modernity are intertwined, you will be witnessing the sacred perpetual home of Ancient Persian Emperors.  

On the way to Yazd, you will have a stop to visit Pasargad which is the tomb of Cyrus the Great. Exploring ancient Persia is like a fascinating dream. However, no one is going to wake you up because the city of windcatchers, Yazd, has a lot to offer. 

Your journey in Yazd allows you to get to know the Zoroastrian culture, and it will be started by visiting the Tower of Silence or the Ski Burials. In Zoroastrian beliefs, the corpses belong to the demon, so in order to purify them, Zoroastrians used these towers and put the corpses there for the vultures to eat the flesh and leave the bones. Another reason for putting the corpses there was to keep them away from soil which is a sacred element in Zoroastrianism. Then, they would collect the bones and do the funeral ceremony. Visiting this mysterious place will make you feel the true spirituality of it. 

The day continues by visiting the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, where you can see the eternal fire burning behind a glass. Zoroastrians consider fire sacred, and this one has never been extinguished. 

You will continue exploring Yazd by visiting the Amir Chakhmaq complex, which contains all critical elements of that period of time. The Jameh mosque for prayers, a Persian bathhouse, and a caravansary for guests. They also used the water reservoir to provide water, and balance the temperature in the hot city of Yazd.

The Masjed Jameh of Yazd is where you get to see the tallest minaret of Iran and get amazed with the blue tiles of the mosque and the Islamic patterns of them. 

To get some rest and prepare yourself for exploring Yazd more, you will be transferred to the hotel. 

In the morning, you will get ready to travel to Isfahan; however, there are some gorgeous places that you are going to visit on your way. 

Your first stop will be a village made of mud-bricks called Kharanaq. The locals claim that this village was built around 4000 years ago, and its magnificent architecture will surprise you. 

To get stunned with Zoroastrian culture, you will visit Chak Chak, which can be translated to drops of water. Ancient Iranians believed that the daughter of the Sassanian Emperor called Nikbanoo was trying to run away from the Arab army in order to save her dignity. She arrived at this mountain and could not run anymore. Nikbanoo was helpless and prayed to God. Anahita, who is the divinity of water, hid her in the hill and provided water for her to survive. 

Your final stop at Yazd would be the 2000 years old Narin Castle, which is a historical place located in Meybod. The Pigeon Tower of the castle is a round mud-brick tower to emerge the ability of Iranians in architecture. 

Finally, you will arrive at beautiful Isfahan, and you can rest for starting a new day in the city of art and turquoise domes. 

First thing in the morning, you will visit the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, where you can find four most fundamental aspects of Iran in the Safavid Dynasty there. You get to visit the Shah Mosque with its picturesque blue tiles and dainty Islamic patterns. Then you will climb the tile work staircase and find yourself in a splendid palace called Ali Qapu. You will be enchanted by looking at the minor details of the delicate plaster paintings on the walls. 

The color and patterns of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque will show you the next level of beauty. This mosque was used by the kind and the royal family privately. 

Say goodbye to Naqsh-e Jahan Square and get ready to visit one of the prettiest palaces in the world, which is called Chehel Sotoun. This dreamy palace located in the middle of a garden can mesmerize you with a variety of colors and patterns. 

Leaving Chehel Sotoun, you will see Zayandehrood, and you will have the chance to walk on two historical bridges of Isfahan called Khajoo and Si-o-se-pol. 

The day will be completed by exploring the Armenian neighborhood, Jolfa, and visiting Vank Cathedral. The outstanding paintings of the walls narrate some of the stories of the Holy Book and represent a mystical feeling. 

After having a perfect night’s sleep in your hotel room, you will pack your bag and start returning to Tehran. However, before arriving at the capital of Iran, you will have a stop in Abyaneh to visit the red village, which was built on the foothills of a mountain. Looking at the contrast of the red color of steplike row houses and the green color of willow trees below them is a perfect view to capture. 

You can see the tradition and beautiful culture of the villagers by looking at their traditional clothes and lives. 

Walking among these houses and listening to the sound of nature while a pleasant breeze is moving your hair slowly, you cannot leave Iran easily. 

The day will get to its end by arriving at Tehran and resting in your hotel.

Depending on your departure time, you can have this day for your own to explore the capital more and maybe buy some souvenirs.

Service Included

Visa application fee included. Visa stamp fee is not included and should be paid separately at the Place of Visa Issue (Airport, consulate or embassy). Citizens of the US, UK, and Canada must apply for the visa at least three months before their visit. For more information visit our  Iran Visa Page.

  • Private sedan car for Airport transfer
  • Private sedan car for domestic transfers
  • Tehran to Shiraz flight

Professional English Speaking Tour Guide

  • 8 Breakfasts
  • 8 Nights in standard grade hotels
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Incoming and Outgoing flights to and from the country are not included.

Entrance fees for museums and landmarks are not included.

Any additional Service or activity is not included in the mentioned price, and will be charged extra.

Please tip the local guides and drivers as you wish.