South of Iran Tour Package "Private" - 10 Days

1199 Euro Per Person


  • Enjoy the warm and cozy weather of the south
  • Walk on the soft sands of Oman's gulf
  • Let the Martian Mountains stun you
  • Witness the gorgeous Pink Lake
  • Allow rainbow soil and rocks to surround you
  • Get enchanted by the magic of the Valley of Stars.
  • Tour Difficulty Level
  • Start City ● End City
    Tehran ● Tehran
  • Group Size
    1 to 10 People
  • Duration
    10 Days

The passionate sunrays caress your chick, and the rhythmic pulse of the sea calms you down and makes you feel cozy. Traveling to the warm and sung south of Iran is the opportunity to be truly treasured. In this tour, you will start this amazing journey from Tehran, then explore some of the most beautiful and unique locations of the south little by little. Pack your sunglasses, sunscreen, and colorful summer outfit, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure toward the south of Iran. 


Upon arriving at Imam Khomeini International airport, our representative is there to transfer you to your hotel. You can relax for a while and have a nap to get rid of tiredness and get ready to explore Tehran. This metropolitan city has a lot to offer you and of course, a day will not be enough to see every attraction of it. But, you have enough time to go to one of the oldest neighborhoods of Iran’s capital, visit its exotic bazaar, enjoy the delicate Golestan palace and dine in some of the most famous and authentic restaurants. Then, get back to your hotel room and have some rest, because the most important part of your trip is going to start in the morning. 

Get ready for upcoming excitements because you are going to have an almost 2.5 hours flight to one of the most pristine locations in Iran called Chabahar. Before that, your flight lands in a gorgeous city located at the coast of the Oman Sea, known as Konarak. After a one-hour drive and enjoying the southern-looking road with tall palm trees and warm weather, you arrive at Chabahar and officially start your journey.

After settling in your hotel, you can visit Chabahar’s local bazaar and get lost in the traditional and unique colorful fabrics, exotic atmosphere, and fascinating spices which leave their marks in your memory. Then, when the sun is going down, and you had enough excitement for the day, it is time to go to the coast and watch the orange sunset, which looks more beautiful on the surface of the sea. You can walk on the sands with your barefoot and let the cool breeze of the late evening make you feel alive. After a relaxing encounter with the Oman sea, you should head back to your hotel and get some sleep. 

It is the third day of your trip toward the extraordinary south of Iran. Get ready to be impressed and surprised by the beauty of nature because you are going to see two remarkable natural wonders in Chabahar. 

Your first stop of the day would be the Chabahar Martian Mountains which are a combination of mystery, glory, and beauty. This mountain range is shaped over millennia due to natural elements such as wind and rain to represent what you see today. Although the area is called badland because of its infertile soil, you can see the earth’s veins and feel the evolving nature by looking at the mountains. After visiting Martian Mountain, you are going to witness the pure beauty of nature by seeing the Lipar Lake, also known as Chabahar’s Pink Lake. The lake shines like a ruby in the middle of the mountains and makes you stand in awe the moment you see it. You can spend hours looking at this beauty and then go back to your hotel because you have to get back your energy for tomorrow’s adventures. 

Your last day in Chabahar has to be perfect. So, after seeing the gorgeous natural wonders of Chabahar, you are going to start the day by going to visit the Jame Mosque of Chabahar. Visiting the mosque shows you the Persian architecture’s delicacy and beauty. You can stare at the delicate patterns on the mosque’s walls and get enchanted by them. 

Before saying goodbye to Chabahar, you have to visit Gel Afshan Mud Volcano. Even imagining a volcano that squirts mud from underground to the surface is exciting; now you can see this phenomenon with your own eyes! This amazing mud volcano is the cherry on top of Chabahar’s beauties and leaves you speechless. 

You should go back to your hotel and have some rest for a long road trip to another gorgeous city in the south of Iran. 

You have a 9 hours drive ahead of yourself to get to Minab, but no worries! Passing along the gorgeous Oman coast, looking at the shining water, and smelling the always summer air will not let you get bored. After arriving at Minab in Hormozgan province, you will go to your hotel room directly, and you can have an amazing long sleep all night and wake up in the morning with full energy. 

Your day at Minab starts with visiting its spectacular local bazaar. Seeing locals in their traditional dress is like watching a documentary live! There are many palm-related products available. These include dates and palm baskets, which are precious souvenirs of the south. Then, you leave Minab for Bandar Abbas and get a ferry to go to the amazing Hormuz Island. There are some spectacular natural wonders that you have to see before going to your hotel. Salt Cave and Salt Mine can blow your mind with their beauty. The white salt crystals surround you and shine delicately. Rainbow Valley is the final flourish of your first day on the island. Just when you step on the colorful soil, you feel like the sky has been reversed, and a gorgeous rainbow embraces you. Let the memory of this dreamy experience accompany you to your hotel and give you unforgettable sweet dreams. 

You may think that you have seen everything at this point of your south tour, but the sunny south of Iran can always surprise you with more amazingness. You are going to take a ferry and go to the Magical Qeshm Island, but before that, three more lovely places are waiting for you. 

Everything on this island is different from what you have in your mind, so be prepared for big surprises. 

The Rainbow Mountains is your first stop of the day. By looking at the mountains, you can feel a well-painted canvas has come to life, and you are witnessing the 3D version of it! 

Just when you are still thinking about what you have just seen, you find yourself walking on the soft sands of the beach where the bloody color of water touches your skin. That is when you realize you are on the red beach. Let your eyes grasp every detail of this amazing scene and get ready to visit the Portuguese fortress. This historical building makes your day complete with its old brick-made walls and mysterious structure. You can walk around the castle and explore it before going to Qeshm Island. 

Your first day on Qeshm Island starts with visiting the Hara Sea Forest and getting fascinated by the unique atmosphere of the place. Looking at trees’ roots that are showing themselves in the water is like watching a fantasy movie. Your next stop on Naz Island can wash this strange feeling away. The shiny, vivid blue water of the island and its contrast to the beige color of rocks is quite spectacular. You can lay down on the beach and relax for a while before going toward the Valley of Stars and see how the mother earth shaped the rocks to look glorious, elegant, and mysterious. Just around sunset, when sun rays are dancing on the rocks and fading away, the shape of this valley shows itself to you and makes you speechless. You should watch the Valley of Stars and take as many photos as you can before heading back to your hotel and call it a day. 

Your trip on the unforgettable Qeshm Island has come to an end, but before leaving, there is still one more place that you must visit before leaving the island. Chahkooh Canyon is one of the most fascinating and exotic places that will stay in your memory for the rest of your life. The weird shape of rocks and the silence of this place can give you goosebumps! Explore every inch of Chahkooh Canyon and look at the blue sky’s reflection in puddles full of water. Now, it is time to say goodbye to this amazing place and go to the airport to catch your Tehran afternoon flight. 

On the last day of your South of Iran tour, you are free to see Tehran more before leaving Iran. Depending on your departure time, you can relax or shop for some souvenirs to take to your home. Indeed, the wonderful memories you have created in the gorgeous southern Iranian cities are the most precious part of your trip. 

Service Included
  • Professional English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Professional Local Guide
  • 9 Nights in standard grade hotels/ecolodges
  • Private car for Airport transfers
  • Private car for domestic transfers
  • Tehran to Chabahar flight
  • Qeshm to Tehran flight


9 Breakfasts, 0 Lunch, 0 Dinner


Service Not Included

Incoming and outgoing flights to and from the country are not included.

  • Entrance fees for museums and landmarks are not included
  • Any additional service or activity is not included in the mentioned price and will be charged extra
  • Please tip the local guides and drivers as you wish