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This article explains and covers everything you need to know about Iran Tours. We explore every option individually and show you the pros and cons. It is a complete guideline for different ways of planning your trip to Iran.

Safe travel, organized plans, and the opportunity of experiencing new adventures while appreciating the utter beauty and rich culture of Iran, without having to worry about your next step, are what you should expect.

What are the different ways to buy a tour in Iran?

Traditional Travel Agencies

Traditional travel agencies are the offices that provide services related to the tourism industry. They can help you with buying tickets, travel insurance, and planning a tour. The excellent feature of these agencies is the fact that you can speak to the staff face to face and find answers to all your questions right away.

Also, by visiting the staff of a travel agency in person, you can make a better decision to trust and choose this agency or not. However, this process may be time-consuming. You have to spend so much time to go to their office and do the whole process while there are online travel agencies that can help you out much quicker.

Independent Iranian Tour Operators

Making the decision to travel to Iran, you first need to find a suitable tour operator to manage everything for you. A professional tour operator provides you packages including accommodation, transportation, tour guide, and other services. These independent tour operators are not recommended if you don’t know and trust them completely.

International Travel Agencies

One of the main purposes of traveling is to enjoy every second. Travel agencies are responsible for ensuring you a safe, reasonably priced, and most importantly, fun trip. The factor that makes international travel agencies a great option for booking a tour is their professionalism. By recognizing the features that can please you, they can offer you services. However, international agencies cannot be fully aware of the exact condition of your destination.

Local Travel Agencies

Local travel agencies are where you can have expert advice about the area you want to visit. Since they are local, they are fully aware of all the details about specific places. Booking a tour from local travel agencies can help you get the most authentic feeling of that atmosphere and make decisions assuredly.

By using their knowledge and expertise in the travel and tourism industry, the professional tour operators of Termeh Travel eagerly help you plan a perfect trip based on your preferences.

Online Travel Agencies

Inventing the internet, started a major revolution in the tourism industry. All services that a travel agency office can offer are now available online on travel websites to ease the process of traveling to a new place. By using online travel agencies or OTAs, you can stay at home and plan your tour with your ideal tour operators in different countries.

Termeh Travel can manage everything from the very beginning to the end of your trip by providing online consultation, Iran visa, tour organization, and accommodation. All you need to do is to contact the Termeh Travel team and start your journey.

Local Online Travel Agencies

To kill two birds with one stone, you should book a tour from Local Online Travel agencies to benefit from the positive aspects of both. Wherever you are, you can find an online agency located in Iran and let the journey begin.

As a local online travel agency, Termeh Travel does its best to provide all the help you need and organize a flawless tour for you by paying close attention to your interests.

What are the different tour types in Iran?

Iran Free Tours

Having the opportunity to visit different tourist attractions of a city with an expert tour guide while making new friends all for free is going to be a fantastic experience..

These tip-based free tours are perfect chances for getting a real sense of a city since you walk around and experience everything. You can also be sure that all your questions about the place you are visiting are going to be answered and you can save some money as well. The tip-based system guarantees the quality; tour guides will give their best to make the tour more fun, exciting, and impressive.

Iran Private Tour

In private tours, everything is planned for you exclusively. You are the one who makes decisions about where to go and what to do. Also, you are free to experience different parts of Iran at your own pace.

No matter if you are alone or with a group, when you book a private tour, you can pick your timeline for visiting different parts of Iran. The tour operator can help you meet your interests and offer you new adventures.

These tours are perfect for those who want someone to guide and help them through the entire trip.

Also, booking a private tour is completely convenient for parents who are traveling to Iran, along with their young children. We know how hard traveling can be when children are involved, but every plan is flexible and easy to change based on your interests in private tours.

Small-Group Tours to Iran

For having a better experience and receiving better services, you can book small-group tours. These tours allow you to explore Iran with your friends as well as getting to know new people. The excellent feature of small-group tours is that you are not alone, but the downside is that you need to find a plan that suits everyone, which could be time-consuming.

However, you will enjoy going around Iran and be stunned with its authentic beauty by a group of people as well.

Iran Food Tour

What can show you the culture of a country better than the food they make? Because of the variety of cultures in Iran, this lovely country is a perfect place for people with different tastes to try Persian food. So do not worry, if you do not like one of them you will love the rest.

Besides Persian foods that are popular among all Iranians such as Ghormeh Sabzi, Fesenjan, Mirza Ghasemi, you can find unique local foods in every city as well.

If you are a vegetarian, the good news is that on these tours, there are always options available on the table for you as well.

Ski Tours in Iran

When we talk about skiing, people immediately think about ski resorts in Europe and Japan, but skiing in Iran would be an incredible experience as well. In fact, Iran has some of the most important ski resorts in the world. Compared to Europe, the high quality of these resorts and their affordable prices allows people from all around the world to visit Iran even just for skiing.

If you are looking for adventure in the cold seasons of the year, you can always book a ski tour and enjoy skiing in wonderful resorts. Tochal and Dizin in Tehran, Sahand, and Zard Kuh ski resort in the East Azarbaijan and Sepidan Ski Resort in Fars province near Shiraz are perfect places to enjoy skiing and having thrilling adventures.

Iran Guided Tours

If you are coming to Iran for the first time or you do not want to visit different parts of Iran on your own, guided tours are amazing options for you. By having an expert accompany you while visiting different spots, you can make sure that you do not miss details. Since the tour guide speaks your language, you can fully understand everything and enjoy your journey even more.

Iran Holiday Package

Iran holiday packages are fantastic options to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, relax and enjoy a vacation. By booking a holiday package, you can save a lot of time since everything is planned in advance. Also, a lot of money is saved because you are purchasing a package. The only thing you need to do is to find a suitable agency and let them organize the tour for you.

By choosing Termeh Travel, you do not only make sure that everything is going to be according to the plan, but you are also the one who determines which city, hotel, and airline you prefer. A 24/7 support is available to help you in different aspects of your tour. Our tour operators make sure that your expectations are reached, and you have a pleasant memory of your trip.

Iran Travel Packages

When you are planning a trip, you cannot predict all possible problems which can occur. However, a travel package can solve this issue. By trusting an agency, you can sit back and let them manage your journey from scratch. Your transportation, hotels you want to stay in, tour guides, and the places you want to visit are organized based on your budget and preferences.

You can benefit from the feature that Termeh Travel provides you. You can choose your ideal tour amongst the offered tours. Also, by telling the desired places which you want to visit, our tour operator team can create your unique proposal, and send a tailor-made tour back to you. You can be in touch with our team during the whole process, as well.

In this case, you will save time and money as well as enjoying a well-organized journey.

Termeh Travel Iran Tour Packages

Whatever your travel choice is, you will find appropriate Iran travel packages here. Regardless of what you are looking for, from a classic family trip to Iran to an offbeat Iran vacation for yourself, Termeh Travel can assist you with figuring out your Iran trip plan.

Termeh Travel’s Iran Tour Packages are uniquely designed to ensure the highest quality and efficiency of your trip. We take care of everything from the moment you decide to visit Iran to the sad moment of departure.

Iran Nature and Adventure Tours

If you have an itch for adventure or you are simply an adrenaline junky, Iran adventure tours suit you best. In adventure tours, you get to explore exciting places and do risky activities.

High mountains, dense jungles, and vast deserts along with the diversity of temperature in Iran allow you to make the most of your trip and find your ideal adventure tour in Iran with ease.

What are the different types of nature tours?

Varzaneh Desert

Just in the middle of the Dasht-e Kavir Desert in Isfahan province, where you are astonished by the endless golden sand, you will be enchanted by the Varzaneh Desert even more. Flowing sands are the most attractive aspect of this beautiful area. The dance of glittering sparkles under sunlight leaves every visitor speechless. It is vital to have a professional tour guide accompany you in Varzaneh Desert to show you around and keep you safe.

This outstanding beauty shows itself once again when you see the patterns that running sands left behind. As Dr. Alfons Gabriel once said, “Anyone enchanted by the desert’s charm will not be released until the end of his life.”

Lar National Park

For visiting a diverse group of beautiful wild animals which are in danger of extinction, you should hike to the Lar national park, which is a protected area for fauna and flora.

You will have the opportunity to see gray wolves, foxes, leopards, wild goats, and wild sheep as well as vipers.

You can also see beautiful birds such as herons, cormorants, and eagles.

The landscape is spectacular, as well. The vast green fields with wildflowers look amazing under the Damavand mountain and make you stop multiple times to capture this amount of gorgeousness.

Iran Trekking Tours

If you are looking for a perfect place for trekking in incredible landscapes and watching fascinating natural wonders, this marvelous country fulfills your urge by providing the opportunity to see all four seasons at once. No matter what time your Iran Travel takes place, you can always find a landscape for trekking and fall in love with Iran’s nature.

What are the best trekking spots in Iran?

Sahand Mountain

Sahand is a unique mountain in Iran. This dormant volcanic mountain is covered with dirt and grass, unlike the typical mountains that are covered with rocks. The mountain is located in East Azerbaijan. The cold weather of that district makes it a perfect place to trek during summers. Not only visitors but also nomads appreciate Sahand mountain since the green hills, and the pleasant weather of this mountain makes it a perfect place for nomads to live during hot seasons.

Climbing to the peak of the mountain and looking at the hills, the vivid color of flowers takes all the exhaustion away. The feeling is like looking at a postcard from a dear friend.

On your way to the mountain, the Kandovan village is definitely worth visiting. The houses of this strange village are made of volcanic elements. People carved these giant stones and made their houses inside them, which look like caves. The name of this village means beehives, and villagers claim that Kandovan was built years ago to protect Iranians from the Mongolian army.

The unique structure of these buildings has made them one of the best ecohouses in the world and created a mindblowing atmosphere for tourists as well.

Uraman Village & Zarivar Lake

Being located in the west of Iran, Kurdistan is one of the fascinating places on earth where high mountains, gorgeous lakes, and quaint villages attract tourists every year.

Finding your way in the middle of the mountains, you should visit Uraman Village to witness the steplike row of houses in the middle of the green rocky mountain, which is undeniably mind-blowing. Needless to say that staying in a house, you get to wake up every morning with a view of green hills that are glowing under sunshine.

Zarivar Lake is another popular place in Kurdistan, which you should not miss. Trekking there, you can experience boat riding in the middle of summer and enjoy the pleasant weather of Kurdistan or visit it in the coldest days of winter when the lake is frozen over.

Lut Desert & Polvar Mountain

Kerman can surprise every visitor by a variety of climates and landscapes. This central province possesses a part of the hottest place on earth, Kavir-e Lut, inside and is blessed with green fields and rivers as well.

Trekking to Kerman, you can see Polvar Mountain standing strong while the white snow has covered its peak even from the city. For having a hiking adventure, you should climb the mountain and look at the green hills, which are covered with tiny flowers and plants, mostly in spring and summer. Going to the peak, you see that flowing melted snow creates multiple streams and finds its way to Rood-e Sefid and Chat Rood.

Zard Kuh Mountain

Zard Kuh is located in the Zagros Mountain Range. Being covered with snow almost year-round makes this mountain a primary water source for Iran. The water of Zayandeh Rood of Isfahan comes from Zard Kouh and gives life to plants, creatures, and cities. Also, the hills of the mountains are covered with green plants and flowers during spring, making it a perfect place for nomads to stay.

The spectacular landscape of Zard Kouh and the snowy slope make this mountain a perfect place for skiing as well.

Alborz Mountain Range

Alborz Mountain Range is what you do not want to miss traveling to Iran. From the west to the east, Alborz Mountain Range stands like a strong enchanting rocky wall between the Caspian Sea and two big deserts of Kavir and Lut. Every village, mountain, and hill in Alborz is spectacularly astonishing.

The climate difference in this particular area has created a diversity of natural wonders. Visiting this road, you can see the ocean of clouds and utter greenness in Mazandaran province on one side, and the rocky and desert landscapes on the other.

Alam Kouh and Takht-e Soleyman are two fascinating mountains in Alborz range which allow you to see a green blanket decorated with yellow flowers. The landscape is so eye-catching that convinces you to stay there for hours and take pictures.

When you are traveling to Alborz, Taleghan Valley in central Alborz, is worth visiting as well. The charming green hills have surrounded a dam to create an outstanding landscape. ٍEven if the shortage of time does not let you explore different parts of Alborz range, having a one day tour to Taleghan Dam can persuade you to come back.

Alamut, The Valley of Assassins

The valley of assassins or Alamut is located between the Caspian Sea and Alborz Mountain. Trekking this magical place in all four seasons has its unique beauty. During spring, flowers and cherry blossoms along with flowing streams represent an exceptional beauty. However, if you are planning to visit Alamut during autumn, you will be surprised by the vivid color of trees. The yellow, orange and red combine together and etches this image in your mind.

The story behind the name of this place is quite impressive. During the Ismaili state, a leader named Hassan-ii Sabbah created an army of assassins to kill his enemies. His castle was located in Alamut, so this place is named after him and what he did.

Ghale Roudkhan or the Roudkhan castle attracts tourists as well. This extraordinary building is located in the heart of Fuman Forest, and getting there is not easy since it is located on the top of a high hill. In order to go to the castle, you need to climb the long staircase, but getting to the castle and witnessing this historical building is worth it.

Damavand Mountain

“The roof of Iran” is the best phrase to describe the value of Damavand Mountain for Iranians. Looking at Damavand with its snowy peak from Tehran is delightful, but exploring the gorgeous green hills and natural water sprouts of it would be a lifetime memory. Even on the hottest day of summer, Damavand has the most pleasant weather to let you enjoy the contrast between the delicate copes flowers and the vivid green background.

Visiting Damavand mountain, you may have the chance to see different types of birds such as golden eagles.

Sabalan Mountains

Iranians call Sabalan mountains the sacred mountain because of the vast green field covered with gentle red copes flowers that are the symbol of martyrdom in Iranian culture. Not only because of the story behind it, but the mountain itself also has much to offer.

At the hills of this volcanic mountain, there is a gorgeous lake that is mostly surrounded by snow. The color of the lake looks cyan because of the volcanic compositions; therefore, no living creature can survive in the water.

Talysh Mountain

To experience an incredible journey, Talysh Mountain can show you the authentic beauty of nature and drown you in the ocean of greenness. Talysh is located in Gilan and Ardabil province.

The heavy mist of the area, along with dense forests, makes the place mysterious yet tranquil.

One of the best places for trekking in Talysh is Subatan, where clouds are beneath you and nothing but wild horses can distract you from this pure aesthetic ambiance. On your way to Subatan, you can visit Varzan Waterfall, as well. This fantastic natural waterfall makes the area a perfect place for nomads. The diversity of plants in Varzan persuade you to explore the place inch by inch and enjoy the beauty of colors while listening to the relaxing sound of water.

When Is The Best Time to Visit Iran?

Generally speaking, spring (March to May) and fall (Sep to Oct) are the best time to visit Iran as you’ll skip the flaming heat of the summer and the winter cold. However, Iran is the second-largest country in the Middle East and is known as a four-season land, so it still has a lot to offer even during winter and summer. Visit our blog to find out where to visit during each season in Iran.

Festivals and special occasions are the other factors that should have an eye on when planning your trip to Iran. Nowruz, the Iranian New Year (21st of March for 2 weeks) is the holiday that Iranians usually go on a trip. That means during Nowruz the prices hike and hotels sell out fast so if you are planning to visit Iran during this period make sure to at least book your accommodations in advance. Also during the religious month of Ramadan (dates vary each year), drinking and eating in public is forbidden and most shops and restaurants are closed before sunset so it is advised not to choose this month for traveling to Iran. You can read more about Iranian cultures, traditions, and festivals here.