Budget-Friendly Tour of Iran - 9 Days

235 Euro Per Person


  • Get to know Iran's history in the Museums of Tehran
  • Enjoy Shiraz, the city of poetry and love
  • Experience Zoroastrian culture and traditions in Yazd
  • Get familiar with the glorious days of Safavid dynasty in Isfahan
  • Stroll around the twisting alleys of Kashan
  • Tour Difficulty Level
  • Start City ● End City
    Tehran ● Tehran
  • Group Size
    1 to 10 People
  • Duration
    9 Days

As younger generations of travelers are shaping the future of travel, we try to adopt and create a comfortable path for them. Solo travelers, backpackers, and adventurers want flexible, budget-friendly, and social tours, and we have an answer for all that. Ultimate Iran Budget Tour is designed to satisfy the adventurer souls of Generation Z. The tour is very flexible, ultra budget-friendly, and will take you to the roots of the Persian empire. You will visit Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, and Kashan, stay at top-rated budget hotels and get around the country with VIP buses and high-quality night trains. 

Note: The attractions on this itinerary are suggestions to get you started on your own. Contact us if you need a tour guide for any of the cities.


You can get some rest after your trip to Iran, in the hotel.

You can start the second day by visiting the Golestan Palace Complex, with lush gardens, glorious buildings, and mesmerizing yellow and pink tilework. Continue the adventure by walking around the exotic Bazaar of Tehran, where the festival of colors and lights is going on. Other recommended places are the National Museum of Iran, where you could walk through the great history of Iran, Tabiat Bridge, a modern architecture masterpiece, and 30th Tir Street, a live anthropology museum, and street food market. You will say goodbye to the capital and travel to Shiraz on a Night Train and rest.

The morning is the best time to visit Nasir-ol-Molk, the Pink Mosque. The colorful lights are magical, and the pink tiles will make you fall in love. Visit this place early in the morning, and expect lots of tourists. Also, make sure to bring a camera.

Moving past Karim Khan Citadel, you will pass the "I love Shiraz sign," and get to a huge citadel in the middle of the city. We suggest visiting the Vakil Complex next, it consists of Vakil Bazaar, Traditional Vakil Bathhouse (hammam), and the amazing Vakil Mosque. Use this perfect opportunity to get familiar with three aspects of Iranian culture at once. 

Finally, you can visit the marble Tomb of Hafez, enjoy the mystical atmosphere, listen to the people reading his poem out loud, or even learn about your fortune, using his magical words. Getting back to the hotel, you can rest after a satisfying day.

The next morning you can visit the wonderful capital of the Achaemenid Empire, Persepolis. It's a world of wonder, the Atlantis in real life, and you can enjoy the glorious columns, huge statues, and the famous Gate of All Nations.

The next recommended attraction is another valuable treasure, Necropolis of Naqsh-e Rostam. It contains some historical rock reliefs, which are the perpetual home to the most powerful kings of Iran's history. 

The last stop could be Pasargadae, the first dynastic capital of the Achaemenid Empire, and where the King of Kings, Cyrus the Great rests. This surreal visit of ancient wonders ends, and you will get to Yazd, the city of Windcatchers, with a VIP Bus from Shiraz. Your hotel in Yazd is ready for you to get some rest for the upcoming days.

You can start your first morning in Yazd by visiting the Sky Burials, or Towers of Silence. Zoroastrians used to expose corpses by leaving them for vultures to be eaten to purify their bodies and souls. Nowadays, the site has turned into an interesting attraction, and you can use it to learn about ancient Zoroastrian traditions. 

Your next visit can be to the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, the most famous eternal Fire shines. It has been burning for more than 1500 years, and it will burn until the last Zoroastrian is alive.

You can continue your day by visiting the Amir Chakhmaq complex. You can pray in its delightful Mosque, or visit its unique traditional bathhouse, and a world-renowned water reservoir. 

Don't miss the Masjed Jameh street and Jameh Mosque of Yazd, where you can see the tallest minaret in Iran. You can get to your hotel and relax under the starry night of Yazd.

The day starts by going to Isfahan on a bus. You can start your adventure in Isfahan by visiting Naqsh-e Jahan Square. It contains many significant structures. Shah Mosque, which is a masterpiece in architecture, Ali Qapu Palace, the royal governmental building with plaster carvings shaped like musical instruments and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, with its simplicity, unique cream-colored dome. 

Next day, you can give a visit to a UNESCO site, Chehel Sotoun Palace, a pavilion in the middle of a Persian Garden with wooden pillars, and a lovely pool.

Moving past some historical bridges like Khaju and Si-o-se-pol, you will get to the Armenian Jolfa neighborhood. The Holy Vank Cathedral is the main attraction of Jolfa with its colorful wall paintings, and wonderful architecture; your hotel will be ready for you to rest after a wonderful day.

First thing in the morning, you will get to the city of rosewater, Kashan by bus. You can visit the famous UNESCO site, Fin Garden. The whole garden has a sophisticated cooling system, with connected pools, and fountains that make you forget that you are in a desert city.

After that, you can go to the most famous traditional houses in Kashan. Borujerdi, Abbasian, and Tabatabaei are ready to amaze you with their wonders. The harmonic architecture and unique design of these houses take you to the old Kashan, where famous merchants were conquering the silk road.

Your hotel in Kashan is prepared for you to rest.

In the morning you will get to Tehran with a VIP bus, you may roam free in Tehran and can get to the airport according to your departure time.

Service Included
  • VIP buses for any date and time available
  • Night Train for any date and time available

Top-rated budget hotels

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This tour is set to be operated on your own. There will be no tour guide by default, so if you need one, please contact us.

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