Shiraz - Nasir ol Molk - Termeh Travel
  • ⭐ Best For:

    Cultural and Historical Sites, Relaxed Atmosphere, Moderate Climate, Poetry

  • 🕌 Top Sights:

    Persepolis, Pasargadae, Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, Vakil Mosque Eram Garden

  • 🛏️ Where to Stay?

    Zandieh Hotel, Karim Khan Hotel, Panj Dari Traditional House, Taha Hostel

  • 😋 What to Eat?

    Kalam Polo, Shirazi Salad, Faloodeh

  • 💭 Interesting Fact

    Shiraz and Fars province are known as the epicenter of the first Persian Empire (Achaemenid Empire | 550 - 330 BC). The Achaemenids ruled over 44% of the world's population from their one of their main capitals, Persepolis, close to Shiraz city!