Kashan - Amin ol Dowleh Section Bazaar - Termeh Travel
  • ⭐ Best For:

    Historical Houses, Cultural and Historical sites

  • 🕌 Top Sights:

    Aqa Bozorg Mosque, Tabatabei House, Fin Garden, Borujerdi House, Tapeh Sialk

  • 🛏️ Where to Stay?

    Morshedi House, Manouchehri House, Ameri House, Mahinestan Traditional Hotel

  • 😋 What to Eat?

    Shefteh Nokhodchi, Nokhod Aleh, Chelo Dizi, Beh Abgoosht 

  • 💭 Interesting Fact

    Some say the three wise men (the biblical Magi) who followed the stars and visited Jesus after his birth were actually from Kashan!