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Bus Transportation in Iran
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What is the difference between regular buses and VIP buses?

Most buses in major routes in Iran are VIP meaning instead of regular 40 seats, they have 25 or 26 seats. One row of single lay down seats and another row of double lay down seats. VIP buses are mostly not available in short distances or for small towns.

When should I book my bus ticket?

Bus tickets usually come available about a month prior to the trip date. You can book your ticket even on the day in which you are traveling which is not recommended, however, you have to book your ticket, a couple of weeks in advance on special holidays.

Can I cancel my bus ticket?

You can cancel your tickets more than 24 hours prior to your ticket date, and have 85 percent of your money back, which will be delivered within 2 weeks. For information on this policy please contact our customer support at

But if you cancel your ticket less than 24 hours prior to your trip, there will be no refunds of any kind available.

Are buses safe in Iran? Even for female travelers?

The police have gone to extreme measures to reduce bus accidents as much as possible. Frequent check-up of drivers and their buses makes sure that everything runs smoothly for everyday passengers. Speed cameras, plus police checks on the way make sure drivers don't speed, however, if you catch a driver exceeding the maximum speed limit which is 100 km/h or 65 miles an hour, you could report to the police in the next stop or when you reach your destination, at the terminal. Don't forget to have your seatbelts fastened at all times. Young girls and elder women are always found traveling alone on buses, and drivers are more than protective towards them in case anything happens on a bus, so there should be no problem ever for solo female travelers traveling by bus in Iran.

What do I need to book a bus ticket in Iran?

Buying a bus ticket is super simple, all you need is your name, number of passengers, a phone number and an email address. You can book your ticket now by filling the form above this article and don't forget to have your passport on you at all times in case you are asked for it.

Is there a baggage limit on buses in Iran?

There is a baggage limit but there's nobody actually weighing your baggage. Each passenger can have 20 kg of luggage on the bus, but it would be fine to go a few kilograms above the limit.

Are there toilets available on buses in Iran?

There are no toilets available on any buses; however, almost all buses make stops at least once for food and Islamic prayers, during which, you can use the public restrooms at the resting areas.

Will there be any stops on the trip?

All buses are obliged to stop at the designated police checkpoints to be clocked to prevent them from speeding and to have drivers rest for a few minutes. There will also be stops for food, Islamic prayers, and powdering your nose on most routes.

What if the trip is canceled or rescheduled by the bus company?

In this case, you must contact us on our 24/7 online support and we will help.

When should I arrive at the bus stop?

It is advised to be at the terminal about half an hour before the time of departure to have your ticket printed and have your luggage boarded.

What if I miss my bus?

Try your best not to miss your booked ticket. In case this happens, you are going to have to book your trip again which in some cases, might not be available for a couple of days.

Will there be WiFi and electric sockets on the buses in Iran?

WiFi and electric sockets are mostly available on VIP buses to and from the capital, Tehran. WiFi is not available on most buses of any other city but there are chargers next to the driver to charge your phones or other devices. Some VIP buses with seat monitors can charge your phone via the USB port on the monitor in front of you.

Is there air conditioning on the buses in Iran?

Yes, all VIP buses have heating and air conditioning on them, most regular buses also have heaters and air conditioners on them as well. But maybe some older buses on small routes lack air conditioning.

Can I choose my seat on buses in Iran?

For now choosing your seat on the bus is not an available service on Termeh Travel.

What should I do if I don't receive my confirmation email?

If you do not receive your confirmation email within a few minutes after booking your ticket, please check your Spam/Junk folder. If you don't receive an email at all, contact us on our 24/7 online support.

Can I eat and drink on a bus?

Yes, eating and drinking on Iranian buses is allowed. You can bring some snacks to eat during your trip on the bus. Snack packages or in some cases, lunch or dinner, will also be available that will be given to you on the way. Remember the price for these packages is included in your ticket fee.

What if I leave something on the bus?

Neither Termeh Travel nor the bus company or the driver are held responsible if you leave something on the bus, but in some cases, if the drivers find something lost on their bus, they will hand it in at the company office in the bus terminal. You can contact us on our 24/7 online support and we will do our best to follow up from the company. If you're lucky enough, you can find what you've lost at the terminal.

Do I have to print my ticket?

After you book your bus ticket, you will have a PDF file showing your ticket confirmation. You can print the ticket confirmation or show the pdf file to the company office located in the bus terminal and they will print your actual ticket and give it to you. Please note, the PDF file sent to you by Termeh travel, after you book your ticket can not be used to get on the bus. It is merely to be shown to the company office to have your ticket printed.

How handicap friendly are buses in Iran?

Unfortunately, buses in Iran are not equipped with systems for disabled persons and are not wheelchair friendly. If you are disabled or are traveling with a disabled companion, it is strongly recommended to travel by plane or private cars.

Are the prices different for adults and children?

No, there is no age preference for bus tickets in Iran. You need to pay the same price if the child requires another seat.

How do I know if there are still buses available for my trip?

You must submit for a ticket and we will check its availability and send you the results via email.

What are the most popular bus routes in Iran?

The routes between the major cities of Iran are the most popular ones such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Yazd. Here is a table to show you all you need to know about the top most popular bus routes in the country.


Est. Duration



Tehran - Shiraz

12 Hours

937 Km


Tehran - Tabriz

9 Hours

620 Km


Tehran - Ahvaz

11 Hours

825 Km


Tehran - Hamedan

4 Hours

322 Km


Tehran - Qom

2 Hours

151 Km


Tehran - Yazd

6 Hours

621 Km


Tehran - Isfahan

6 Hours

450 Km


Tehran - Rasht

4 Hours

325 Km


Tehran - Kermanshah

6 Hours

504 Km


Isfahan - Mashhad

16 Hours

1141 Km


Shiraz - Isfahan

7 Hours

491 Km


Shiraz - Ahvaz

8 Hours

538 Km


Hamedan - Mashhad

16 Hours

1204 Km


Shiraz - Mashhad

24 Hours

1344 Km


Yazd - Mashhad

16 Hours

906 Km


Rasht - Mashhad

17 Hours

1221 Km