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Everything You Need to Know About Traveling by Trains in Iran

“Do not worry about the destination; enjoy the journey!” This quotation is the most accurate description of traveling by trains. If you are an adventurous traveler, you should discover the stunning land of Iran using trains to enjoy every second of this beauty.

From the elegant southern palm trees to crawling waves of the Caspian Sea, there are different types of trains with different range of prices available. You can have your private cabin to spend your time with friends and family, or you can book a seat in regular cabins and get to know new people.

The Most Popular Routes in Iran and Their Timetable

The most popular route in Iran is Tehran to Mashhad and back. Different types of trains from the most luxurious one to the cheapest one, transfer passengers every day. Below you can see the most popular routes.




Tehran to Mashhad and back

8 to12 Hours


Tehran to Shiraz and back

15 Hours


Tehran to Gorgan and back

10 Hours


Tehran to Tabriz and back

8 Hours


Tehran to Zahedan and back

21 Hours


Tehran to Ahvaz and back

15 Hours


Tehran to Hamedan and back

3.5 Hours


Tehran to Qom and back

2 Hours


Tehran - Kermanshah

6 Hours


Tehran to Yazd and back

7.5 Hours


Tehran to Isfahan and back

7.5 Hours


Tehran to Rasht and Back

5 Hours


Ahvaz to Mashhad and back

24 Hours


Isfahan to Mashhad and back

18.5 Hours


Hamedan to Mashhad and back

16 Hours


Isfahan to Bandar Abbas and back

17.5 Hours

Every Two Days

Shiraz to Mashhad and back

24 Hours

Every Two Days

Kermanshah to Mashhad and back

11 Hours

Every Two Days

Yazd to Mashhad and back

10 Hours

Every Two Days

Rasht to Mashhad and back

17 Hours

Every Two Days

Mashhad has the best railway system in which the variety of trains are available, so traveling from this city to many other cities and back is easily possible. You can enjoy watching the high mountains and green fields.

What Are the Most Beautiful Routes in Iran?

What makes Iran unique is the variety of landscapes, when you travel by train you can see the beautiful and pristine nature of Iran.

Tehran to Gorgan route is one of the most fascinating experiences you can have. You start your journey by passing through Alborz mountain range, and get to outstanding rainforests in the north of Iran.

If you are a fan of desert landscapes, you should travel from Tehran to Zahedan by train. This train passes Kerman and Yazd, which are the two most gorgeous desert surrounded cities. You can enjoy watching the glittering sands under sunshine or the millions of stars shining in the night sky.

If you are planning to visit Ahvaz, traveling by train is totally worth it since this train passes Lorestan, a gorgeous city of western Iran. Passing through this city, you get to see stunning canyons and astonishing waterfalls.

How to Have Access to Train Stations in Different Cities of Iran?

Based on the city that you are in, you can have access to the train stations in different ways.

How to Access the Train Station in Tehran?

In Tehran, you can easily use the metro to arrive at the station. Tehran Train Station is located in Shush street, which is one of the oldest streets in Tehran.

How to Access the Train Station in Mashhad?

Mashhad Train Station is located in Railway Square, inside the city. You can use a taxi, a bus or metro to get there.

How to Access the Train Station in Shiraz?

Shiraz Train Station is located outside of the city near Sadra, which is a small city in Fars province; the best way to get there is by taking a taxi.

How to Access the Train Station in Isfahan?

In Isfahan, The Railway Station is near Sepahan Shahr which is outside of the town as well. The easiest way to get there is by taxi or metro.

How to Access the Train Station in Yazd?

Yazd Railway Station is not that far from the city center, so accessing it would not be a problem, you can get there by walking or taxi. In all these cases, you can ask local people to help you find your destination. People are so nice and will make sure you find your way.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Trains in Iran?

Based on your destination, there are different types of trains available. You need to know what kind of train suits you the most. Below you can read about the different kinds of trains in Iran.

There are six terminals in Mehrabad airport for arrivals and departures flights, so make sure to check your terminal before going there.

6 Bed Couchettes

If you are traveling as a family or in a big group and you want to spend the whole time together, 6-bed couchettes are perfect. Entering your wagon, you would see ten cabins; you can find your cabin by looking at the numbers above the doors. At the end of each wagon, you have access to both regular and Iranian toilets.

Inside your cabin, there are two couches on each side for six passengers. A pack of snacks will be given to you containing a piece of cake, some nuts, a bottle of water, and a pack of fruit juice or milk. You can also buy other snacks at the train’s buffet, and while buying your ticket, you can pay extra money for a meal. You can enjoy dining in the restaurant wagon at certain times, which would be announced by the attendants.

For having a comfortable sleep, a package of clean sheets, blankets and a pillow will be given to you, but remember that you need to put them back into the bag a few hours before arriving at your destination.

4 Beds Sleepers

For having a more comfortable trip mostly during the night, you can choose a 4-bed sleeper. These types of trains are the most common ones for traveling across Iran because they let you have enough space in your cabin and enjoy the excellent service given to you. Each cabin has two screens to watch a movie. You will be welcomed by the train attendant with a pack of snacks including some biscuits or a piece of cake, chocolate, and fruit juice. Also, you can have a boiling water flask to make instant tea or coffee, which you can refill.

Regular and Iranian restrooms are available in the wagon. Also, you can ask for the train’s attendants help if you needed anything.

There are 4 chairs in each cabin, which can be turned into two beds. You can climb the ladder to reach two other berths. You should put your baggage on the top of the cabin in the luggage rack. Under the seats, you can find packages of clean blankets, linen and a pillow which you can use, but just like 6-bed couchettes, you have to put them back to their bag to be washed.

For breakfast, another package will be handed to you including a piece of cake, some biscuits, and milk. You can also ask for dinner while booking your ticket. Although 4-bed sleepers are very comfortable, for an on the road hotel experience you can book VIP trains. These trains are available for long trips, especially for Mashhad.

VIP Trains

VIP trains are 4-bed sleepers; however, the cabins are more prominent than regular trains which let you have more space while sleeping. There are two big screens in the cabin to let you watch your favorite films and listen to the song that you choose. Each cabin has an air conditioner, sleeping package, and snacks to make you feel like home.

Your meal will be served in your cabin; however, you can dine in the train’s restaurant, which is furnished with comfortable wooden furniture and colorful curtains. This train offers you various types of delicious Persian cousin as well as some international foods. Having access to free Wi-Fi can be another reason for choosing this train.

Express Trains

There are different types of express trains available for shorter routes. For daytime trips, by paying less money, you can have airline arranged seats in these trains and arrive at your destination fast. Both regular and double-deck express trains transfer passengers daily.

If you choose a first-class seat, you can have a more comfortable chair, an audio-video entertainment screen, non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks.

Tips and Suggestions

  • You need to be in the Train Station at least an hour before to check your ticket.
  • In order to follow Islamic rules, men are not allowed to wear shorts. Women must wear a scarf to cover most of their hair. They need to put on loose blouses with long sleeves and long trousers. Although following these rules on trains is necessary, men and women can be more comfortable in their cabins.
  • Women can book cabins which are only for ladies. In some trains, a whole wagon can be dedicated to the ladies, which has a female attendant as well.
  • You should keep your ticket available for the entire trip because you need to show it to the train’s attendant.
  • Booking a train from weeks before can help you pay less money.
  • Traveling by train is a wonderful experience and you should try it at least once in your life.