Damavand Trekking Tour

512 Euro Per Person


  • Eco-camping in the mountain and conquering the nest of phoenix
  • Experience climbing the highest mountain in the middle east
  • Visiting natural glaciers and taking remarkable pictures of them
  • Camping in Damavand mountain and listening to the beating heart of Iran
  • Tour Difficulty Level
  • Start City ● End City
    Tehran ● Tehran
  • Group Size
    2 to 4 People
  • Duration
    3 Days

When the mighty phoenix flutters her burning wings and flies around the frosty peak of Damavand to melt the powdery snow and make it flow toward the hills, you can take a deep breath and start trekking Damavand Mountain.  

If you look at the Damavand map, you will find this mountain with 5,610 meters in height on the northeast of Tehran. After reaching the area, all you need to do is to cover yourself with warm clothing, tighten the lace of your shoes, and fix your backpack on your shoulders to start the exceptional Damavand trekking tour. 

The best time to trek Damavand is during the summer when Damavand weather is pleasant enough to give you the full enjoyment of exploring the area and protect you from its bone-freezing, cold temperature. Damavand mountain reaches its perfect point and its utter beauty in summer when the flowing seasonal streams shine on the surface of the mountain and find their way among the rocks. You can follow the streams and find sparkling lakes behind green hills and have an unforgettable experience of camping in Damavand. 

After setting up your tent near the lake, you should make a bonfire, brew some exquisite Persian tea and enjoy its exotic taste while you are listening to the sound of nature and reading mythical stories about the symbol of the endurance of Iran, Damavand mountain. 

According to Shahnameh stories (the real masterpiece of Abul Qasem Ferdowsi, who is an Iranian poet), Damavand is where Zahhak has been imprisoned. The Persians believed that Zahhak is a tyrannical king with two snakes on his shoulders that feed on human beings’ brains. A courageous Iranian hero called Kaveh who was furious about what Zahhak did, and attempted to save people from their doomed situation. He led people into capturing Zahhak and prisoned him inside Damavand Mountain located in Alborz mountain range. According to the prophecy, Zahhak has been kept there until he can break his chains and let himself free. Stories say that he will slaughter many people, and finally Garshasb, who is another brave and pure hero will be able to destroy Zahhak for good. 

Since every myth has a root in reality, we can find why this story has been told by looking at the Damavand, itself. Mount Damavand is a semi-active volcano, therefore when it was activated many years ago, people considered it as the time that Zahhak was the ruler, but when the volcano became inactive, it meant that Kaveh imprisoned him. Zahhak will raise and start killing people until his death comes when it becomes active again. 

These stories can make you dream about the wonders of Iran, spending the night in the lush foothills of Damavand. The next morning, you can wake up with the sound of birds flying around your tent and get prepared to continue your tour. 

Conquering the unattainable and magical Damavand Mountain is an overwhelming feeling. Looking at the steady mountain, where according to mount Damavand mythology, the whole universe started from there, is tempting enough to make adrenaline rush into your veins and raise your heartbeat. 

To reach the Damavand Peak and observe the area, especially the capital city of Tehran, from literally the sky, you need to be eager and determined. However, you should keep in mind that placing your flag on Damavand peak requires professional mountain trekking skills, and you need to be accompanied by an experienced climber. 

Damavand eco-camp is the first professional mountain climbing complex in Iran. In order to conquer the Damavand summit, first, you will find yourself trekking to the Mount Damavand base camp located in Nandal village. Hot drinks and comfortable resting places are available for you in little tents to make you feel comfortable and fresh up for continuing the road toward the sky.  

َAfter a long, restful sleep and having a delicious breakfast in the middle of nature, you can see the ocean of green hills below your foot, and you are ready to challenge yourself even more. 

Leaving the eco-camp for the peak, you can feel how the weather changes into a wintry temperature when the only thing that makes you warm is to continue walking. After passing hills, you will find glaciers and be surprised by the crystal ice around you. It is like walking inside a room full of glittering diamonds that can reflect the sunlight and create a sumptuous ambiance. 

When you fix the point of your ice axe in the crystal mountain and make your way toward the peak and feel your heartbeat under your chest, you can realize how mesmerizing nature is and how much you feel alive by being there. 

Eventually, when you reach the peak and look at the area from the roof of Iran, you can see how everything seems very tiny except the highest mountain of the middle east that you just conquered. 

Moving down from the peak is a little bit easier since the gravity is on your side this time and helps you. Now that you finished your mission, you have time to appreciate every detail of the area. The aroma of nature, along with the sounds of birds and streams, is extremely ear-catching. 

Although the Damavand height and mount Damavand difficulty were some points to consider, by trekking this mountain, you have experienced one of the most exceptional nature tours in Iran. 

Now you can trek Damavand toward the ground and go back to the routine life with a mind full of unforgettable memories because you could enjoy every little bit of the mountain. However, the beauty of Damavand is not over yet. When you climb Damavand, each landscape is like a picture of a photo album that penetrates deep into your heart and etches in your mind to stay with you forever. 

You can stop in Damavand hill and get stunned with the picturesque scene of wild anemones’ plain and enjoy the gorgeous contrast of their bloody color with the green background. 

After saying goodbye to the flowers and butterflies on the hills, you can see the cars waiting for you to take you back to Tehran. 

Although the tiredness of hard physical movement convinces you to have a long sleep on your bed in the hotel, you cannot stop thinking about the memories of trekking Damavand Mountain. 


The professional guide and driver meet you at your accommodation early in the morning. Then the journey starts by driving for 1 hour toward Damavand Mountain Base and having breakfast on the way.

After arriving at the base camp which belongs to Iran’s federation and is located on the south side of Damavand Mountain, you can have a rest and continue your tour to Goosfand Sara by a Patrol. You start climbing Damavand for four hours toward Bargah-e Sevom. After camping there and eating your lunch with the group you can carry your backpack and trekking around to acclimate to the temperature. Then you will go back to your tent and have a nice sleep. 

The next morning, everyone wakes up at the time which has been set by the tour guide from the day before. You eat a delicious breakfast at the camp to have enough energy for reaching the peak of the highest mountain in Iran, then you start climbing the mountain. Conquering the peak can take about 5-7 hours. You can gaze at the landscape and memorize this scene for the rest of your life. Then you return to the Bargah-e Sevom Camp, stay the night there and take the exhaustion away.

The third day of your tour starts with having a delicious breakfast, packing up your tent and saying goodbye to Damavand Mountain. You climb down the mountain and go to Goosfand Sara and federation camp. You can have a meal in one of the gorgeous restaurants around Polour Village and go back to Tehran and your hotel to review your best memories of Damavand trekking tour. 

If you want to spend more time in Damavand and enjoy trekking this fascinating mountain at your pace, you have the option to extend the tour as well.

Service Included

Professional Trekking Tour Guide

2 Nights 


  • 2 Breakfast
  • 2 Lunch
  • 2 Dinner
Damavand Mountain Entrance permit