Qeshm and Hormuz, Island Hopper Tour

138 Euro Per Person


  • Walk on the silver, pale beaches.
  • Explore the sharp valleys and glorious sea forests.
  • Visit Hormuz, the red soil Island.
  • Observe the unique culture of Qeshm Island.
  • Enjoy the spicy southern cuisine.
  • Tour Difficulty Level
  • Start City ● End City
    Qeshm ● Qeshm
  • Group Size
    1 to 4 People
  • Duration
    3 Days

Qeshm, the biggest island in the Persian Gulf, is blessed with natural treasures and fascinating culture. The warm-hearted women of Qeshm have a unique sense of fashion. They wear colorful dresses, authentic masks and paint their hands with delicate patterns of henna.

Qeshm Island, a UNESCO Global Geo-park, and its diverse forms of natural attractions such as the Mangrove Forest and Naz Island are home to different types of exotic animals like dolphins, which you may be lucky to see during your stay. 

Sharp-edged walls of sand and stones make the glorious Stars Valley, a real treat in Qeshm. A local myth suggests that a star fell from the sky and made these changes in this region; however, the odd shape of this maze-like natural beauty is enough to carry the name of the stars.

Hormuz is the next attraction that you can choose. The red color of its soil creates magical scenes in different parts of the island. The earth is edible and is used as a sour spice in their unique cuisine. Hardworking people of Qeshm use this spice on top of their thin bread or as a marinade to season fish. Even the names of Hormuz attractions take you to the classic romantic stories. The Valley of Statues, Salt Goddess, Rainbow Mountain, and Silver and Red Beach.

The shapes of monsters and horrifying creatures are made by wind and water erosion in the valley of statues and overlook the coast of the Persian Gulf. Walking on the shoulders of these giants, you will be amazed by the miracles of nature.

The Salt Goddess is a mountain in the shape of a goddess made by salt. The form of its walls are like giant columns of a marble palace suited for the salt goddess, and its pale caves are the perfect place for her to hide her sorrows.

The rainbow mountain is like a colorful work of art, with different colors of red, brown, white, and yellow, making this place worthy of its name. Rows of colorful stones create amazing scenery and invite you to their vivid world of wonders.

 The red sands at the beach mix with seawater and change the color to a unique and outstanding red. The silver beaches, on the other hand, are a perfect place to walk, and some of them show a blue-colored glow in the nights.

Note: The opportunity to enjoy different kinds of water-sports is also available on the Island of Qeshm.

Service Included

Professional Desert Tour Guide

2 Night Eco-lodge on Qeshm Island

Sedan Car

2 Breakfast

1 Lunch in Hormuz