Varzaneh Desert Tour

51 Euro Per Person


  • Visit the amazing white Salt Lake.
  • Sandboard down the dunes.
  • Enjoy the exceptional sunset in the desert.
  • Stargazing under the cloudless sky.
  • The chance of seeing sand foxes.
  • Tour Difficulty Level
  • Start City ● End City
    Isfahan ● Isfahan
  • Group Size
    1 to 4 People
  • Duration
    8 Hours

The tour starts by moving towards Varzaneh Desert, accessible from both Isfahan and Yazd. First stop will be the Salt Lake, a vast area covered by crystal salt frost that looks like a natural ice hockey rink. You will visit saltwater puddles, the salt mine and make your way towards the sand dunes.

Climb to the top, take your shoes off and step on the untouched sands with your bare feet as the subtle particles of sand massage your soles. Start sandboarding down the hill and feel the gentle touch of air in your hair. Watch the magical colour painting of the sunset spread on top of the dunes. Slender desert foxes may get close to you hoping for some leftovers, and start a game of hide and seek.

The option of spending the night in the desert is available. Lay back beside the fire as your relaxed body sinks deep into the sand, and get amazed by the spiritual dance of stars in the cloudless velvet sky. Let the mystical silence of the desert fill your whole body, and rest after a fulfilling day in Varzaneh Desert.

Note: guesthouse, camping, vegetarian dinner, and the option of finishing in Yazd is also available.

Service Included

Professional English speaking guide.

Standard private car with air condition.

Service Not Included

A lunch break is arranged for this tour but the price is not included.

The accommodation fee is not included in the starting price. Please contact our 24/7 online support for more information.