Kerman - Fath Abad Garden - Termeh Travel
  • ⭐ Best For:

    Salt Deserts, Cultural and Historical Sites

  • 🕌 Top Sights:

    Lut Desert, GanjAli Khan Square, Shazdeh Garden, Bam Castle, Jameh Mosque of Kerman

  • 🛏️ Where to Stay?

    Pars Hotel, Hezar Hotel, Kerman Tourism Hotel, Akhavan Hotel

  • 😋 What to Eat?

    Boz Ghormeh or Kermani Abgoosht, Kolompe, pistachio and Date

  • 💭 Interesting Fact

    According to NASA satellite temperature data Lut Desert close to Kerman is the hottest place on the surface of earth. Kerman is also the largest producer of pistachio in the world