Iran Visa Fee for Citizens of Argentina at Ahwaz International Airport

Below you can find the visa stamp fee and the visa application fee for citizens of Argentina in case their visa is issued at the Ahwaz International Airport. Please note that this information varies for different nationalities and different places of visa issue. If you have any questions regarding Iran Visa, visit our Visa Assistant.

Iran Visa Fee Finder



Place of Visa Issue

Ahwaz International Airport

Application Fee

19 Euro

Stamp Fee

70 EUR


  • The visa stamp fee should be paid in Cash and in EUR.
  • Not all embassies, consulates, and airports have the same stamp fee. Usually, embassies and consulates have cheaper stamp fee.
  • The value of 70 EUR is based on the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs standards.
  • As some countries could be sensitive about Iran stamps on passports, your passport will not be stamped. The authorities at the airport will give you the stamp and sticker on a separate document to prevent potential problems in the future.
  • The visa stamp fee must only be paid by the applicant, at the Ahwaz International Airport.
  • The visa will not be posted or handed to anyone other than the applicant.
  • Stamp fee for tourists picking up their visa at the airport is the same as the visa on arrival fee.